Dam News: 15th – 23rd May, 2013

“Dam news” is a round-up of news and events related to dams and dam removal, brought to you by the Clearinghouse for Dam Removal Information (CDRI), a project administered by the Water Resources Collections and Archives. Visit CDRI for more on dams and dam removal.


Northampton public works board hires consultant for removal of Upper Roberts Meadow Reservoir Dam
MassLive.com – ‎ May 23, 2013‎
NORTHAMPTON — The Board of Public Works took a step forward in the long, slow process of removing the Upper Roberts Meadow Reservoir Dam Wednesday, hiring a consultant to take the city through the permitting process with the state.


Property Owners Sue After Flooding During Dam Removal Project in Michigan’s NW Lower Peninsula
The Republic – ‎May 21, 2013‎
EAST BAY TOWNSHIP, Michigan — Some property owners hit by flooding last year during a dam removal project in Michigan’s northwestern Lower Peninsula are suing.


Removing Dams: Are Shad Worth It?
Allentown Morning Call – ‎May 20, 2013‎
It’s an age-old feud which money, technology and even sex failed to mute – dams and American Shad just don’t get along.


Congressional Hearing: Committee to Take up Klamath Dam Debate
Siskiyou Daily News – ‎May 17, 2013‎
A year and a half after congressional legislation was introduce to give the green light to Klamath dam removal, the issue will have its first congressional hearing by the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources in June.


Moving Right Along After Dam Removal
Chicago Sun-Times – ‎May 17, 2013‎
I can’t decide if it’s a dam miracle or what we should have expected all along when the Hofmann Dam was removed last year from the Des Plaines River.


Dam Removal Ushers In New Life In Washington State
OPB News – ‎May 15, 2013‎
New life is coming to Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. Two dams along the Elwha River are being removed, bringing a rush of sediment downstream and exposing hundreds of acres of once-submerged land.


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Dam News: 1st – 13th May, 2013

“Dam news” is a round-up of news and events related to dams and dam removal, brought to you by the Clearinghouse for Dam Removal Information (CDRI), a project administered by the Water Resources Collections and Archives. Visit CDRI for more on dams and dam removal.


Granite Construction Wins Contract for San Clemente, Carmel River Dam Removal
HydroWorld – ‎May 13, 2013‎
California American Water has awarded a US$61 million contract to Granite Construction Incorporated for the removal of the San Clemente and Carmel River dams in California.


Commissioners, Siskiyou Board Oppose Dam Removal
Herald and News – ‎May 10, 2013‎
Klamath County Commissioners are joining the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors in sending a letter to new Interior Secretary Sally Jewell urging her and the department to abandon the Klamath River agreements and the proposed dam removal.


In Largest Dam Removal In US History, Which Fish Get To Recolonize?
KUOW News and Information – ‎May 9, 2013‎
From where Mike McHenry stands he can see several gray, torpedo-shaped bodies moving slowly through the brown water of this side channel of the Elwha River, not too far from the site of the largest dam removal project in US history.


San Clemente Dam Removal Project to start by August
Monterey County Herald – ‎May 8, 2013‎
The long-awaited San Clemente Dam removal project is scheduled to begin this summer after California American Water earned the final go-ahead on Wednesday.


Dam Removal Project on Little Lehigh, Jordan Seen as Benefit
Allentown Morning Call – ‎May 5, 2013‎
Rod Rohrbach was upset when first informed last week of a plan that would remove nine dams from the Little Lehigh and Jordan creeks.


Glen Spain: Klamath River Dam Removal Makes Sense
Record-Searchlight – ‎May 5, 2013‎
The science confirms that Klamath dam removal poses no special problems, no significant flood risks, no toxic sediment risks, and will have zero impact on irrigation. Most released sediments are expected to quickly wash out to sea the first winter, with some (but not major) short-term impacts on fish.


City: Burlington Street Dam Removal Not an Option
Iowa City Press Citizen – ‎May 2, 2013‎
The associate director of American Rivers’ Restoration Program said Thursday there are numerous benefits associated with removing dams from rivers.

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Dam News: 22nd – 30th April, 2013

“Dam news” is a round-up of news and events related to dams and dam removal, brought to you by the Clearinghouse for Dam Removal Information (CDRI), a project administered by the Water Resources Collections and Archives. Visit CDRI for more on dams and dam removal.


Herring Return to Taunton After Removal of Mill River Dam
Enterprise News – ‎Apr 30, 2013‎
Taunton – Alewife are swimming again at a city dam for the first time in many years. The river herring are running through the former site of Hopewell Mills Dam, according to the Nature Conservancy.


Eisenhauer: July Earliest for Decision
Danville Commercial News – ‎Apr 26, 2013‎
DANVILLE — Residents have the chance next week to voice their opinions to city and state officials on the possible removal of the Vermilion River and Ellsworth Park dams.


Dam Inspection Waits on Barge Removal
MyWebTimes.com – ‎Apr 26, 2013‎
Federal officials said Friday the Marseilles dam should be safe, but barges have to be removed to make sure. “There is no evidence of a structural or stability problem,” said Army Corps of Engineers Col. Mark Deschenes. “The chance is very, very low, but the consequences if it is are very, very high.”


South Shore Dam Removals Would Benefit Fish Populations
Norwell Mariner – ‎Apr 25, 2013‎
Norwell – Meetings have been held to discuss the removal of the Track Factory Pond Dam on the Third Herring Brook. The Mill Pond Dam behind the YMCA is expected to be removed this fall.


R.F. Jordan Receives 2013 Build Maine Award for Work on Dam
Bangor Daily News – ‎Apr 24, 2013‎
ELLSWORTH, Maine — R.F. Jordan & Sons Construction Inc. of Ellsworth was awarded the 2013 Build Maine Award during a meeting on April 10 of the Maine Associated General Contractors of America in Augusta.


Removal of Last Dam on Olympic Peninsula’s Elwha River on Hold
OregonLive.com – ‎Apr 23, 2013‎
SEATTLE — Removal of the last of two dams on the Elwha River on the Olympic Peninsula has been put on temporary hold while officials try to fix problems at new water-treatment facilities built as part of the $325 million river restoration project.


Guest Column: Take Action: Support Dam Removal on the Vermilion River
The Rock River Times – ‎Apr 23, 2013‎
DANVILLE, Ill. — April 30, the City of Danville will hold an informational open house regarding the proposed removal of two low-head dams in the Vermilion River system. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources will present removal alternatives from their most recent planning study, and also discuss how removal will benefit fish populations.


Sediment Woes For Port Angeles Water Treatment Facility Put Elwha Dam Removal On Hold
EarthFix – ‎Apr 23, 2013‎
Removal of the two dams on the Elwha River has been temporarily halted because massive amounts of sediment released from above the dams have clogged a nearby city’s water treatment facilities.

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Dam News: 9th – 21st April, 2013

“Dam news” is a round-up of news and events related to dams and dam removal, brought to you by the Clearinghouse for Dam Removal Information (CDRI), a project administered by the Water Resources Collections and Archives. Visit CDRI for more on dams and dam removal.


Frank Galusha: Repeating Big Lies About Klamath Dams
Record-Searchlight – ‎Apr 21, 2013‎
What scientific research does he have proving dam removal will truly benefit the salmon, let alone increase their numbers by 81 percent? The truth is the foundation upon which the case for removal is built is based on thoroughly discredited science, especially the flow studies.


American Whitewater Advocate Updates River Issues, Dam Removal
The Spokesman Review (blog) – ‎Apr 21, 2013‎
RIVERS – Thomas O’Keefe of American Whitewater will update paddlers on the approval for removing Mill Pond Dam on Sullivan Creek and other river-liberating projects in a program for the Spokane Canoe and Kayak Club Monday, april 22 7 p.m., at Mountain Gear Corporate Headquarters, 6021 E. Mansfield Ave. in Spokane Valley.


Elwha Dam Removal Hostage to Water Plant Repairs
The Seattle Times – ‎Apr 20, 2013‎
Elwha dam removal is on hold until fixes can be made to expensive water-treatment facilities that don’t work. Some experts say dam removal will likely remain stalled until next year.


Industrial Past: New Milltown State Park Showcases Dam Removal, Rich History
Great Falls Tribune – ‎Apr 18, 2013‎
MILLTOWN – Michael Kustudia often finds himself stopping and looking around the future site of Milltown State Park and thinking about the history that has taken place there.


‘Elwha: A River Reborn’ Tells Story of Dam Removal on Olympic Peninsula River
OregonLive.com – ‎Apr 18, 2013‎
This book tells the story of one of the biggest recent environmental victories: the removal of the dams on the Elwha River in Washington state.


Let the River Run: Dam Removal Accelerates across Michigan
MLive.com – ‎Apr 16, 2013‎
Michigan may be the Great Lakes State, but its 36,000 miles of rivers are becoming popular commodities for cities looking to revitalize downtowns, attract visitors and lure new businesses.


Dam’s Removal will help Restore River
Press Herald – ‎Apr 14, 2013‎
Two nature groups are making final preparations to remove a more than 200-year-old dam in Pownal that blocks the passage of fish along a tributary of the Royal River.


DOI Finishes Klamath River Dams Study, Recommends Full Removal
HydroWorld – ‎Apr 12, 2013‎
The U.S. Department of the Interior has completed an environmental study supportive of removing four PacifiCorp hydroelectric dams from the Klamath River near the California-Oregon border.


Wildlands Conservancy will be Dam Busting this Summer
WFMZ Allentown – ‎Apr 11, 2013‎
ALLENTOWN, Pa. – Some well-known dams on Little Lehigh and Jordan creeks will be removed this summer by Wildlands Conservancy. They include the Robin Hood dam in Allentown’s Lehigh Parkway and another in the city’s Jordan Park, as well as the dam over Jordan Creek dam next to MacArthur Road in Whitehall Township.


Project Leaders Say Dam Removal not the Cause of Recent Flooding
UpNorthLive.com – ‎Apr 11, 2013‎
GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY — A group of homes along the Boardman River are being threatened by flooding, and residents living there say the Brown Bridge Dam removal project is to blame.

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2013 West Regional Conference – May 6-10 Seattle, Washington

The West Region of the Association of State Dam Safety Officials is hosting the 2013 West Regional Conference and Technical Seminars, to be held May 6-10 in Seattle, Washington. The conference will include an Exhibit Show and one full day of technical presentations. The presentations will focus on issues of importance to dam owners, government officials and engineers in the western states. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to register for either of these specialty training courses in addition to the conference & exhibit show.

For more information visit their website.

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