LA 258 Spring 2010: An Interdisciplinary Seminar on California Water

California Water: An Interdisciplinary Seminar
Instructor: Tim Ramirez

This seminar meets monthly during the California Water colloquia and for small seminar meetings in between. Besides attending the colloquia themselves, course requirements are background readings, participation in seminar discussion, and short (<5pp) paper on a topic relevant to one of the colloquia subjects. (1 unit, S/U or P/F, can be repeated for credit)

Colloquia (Spring 2010) are held in 250 Goldman School of Public Policy (2607 Hearst Ave.) 5:30-7pm. Reception and meet the speaker, outside 250 Goldman, 5:00 – 5:30 p.m; lecture, including questions & answers – 5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

In addition to the lectures (see schedule and related readings below), the class will meet from 5:30-7:30pm in 217 McLaughlin Hall on the following Tuesdays: January 26, February 2, March 2, April 6 and April 27.

February 9
The Future of Irrigated Agriculture: Where’s the Water?
- Dr. Juliet Christian-Smith, Senior Research Associate, Pacific Institute and Dr. David Zoldoske, Director, Center for Irrigation Technology
Abstract: TBA

Cooley, H. et al., Sustaining California Agriculture in an Uncertain Future
Oakland: Pacific Institute, 2009

Buis, A., NASA Data Reveal Major Groundwater Loss in California’s Heartland
Pasadena: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 2009.

Zoldoske, D. et al., Agricultural Water Conservation and Efficiency in California – A Commentary
Fresno: International Center for Water Technology, 2008

March 9
Salmon, Orphans Without a Home: An Historical Perspective of the Water and Landscape Modifications to Salmon Habitat
– Dr. Brian Cluer, Coordinator, Science and Technology Team, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service
Abstract: TBA
Bottom, D. et al., Reconnecting Social and Ecological Resilience in Salmon Ecosystems
Ecology and Society 14(1): 4

Paradis, Y. et al., What do the empty stomachs of northern pike (Esox lucius) reveal? Insights from carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes (access restricted to UC campuses)
Environmental Biology of Fishes (2008) 83:449–458

Henning, J. et al., Juvenile Salmonid Use of Freshwater Emergent Wetlands in the Floodplain and Its Implications for Conservation Management (access restricted to UC IP addresses)
North American Journal of Fisheries Management  2006; 26: 367-376

April 13
Coastal Communities and the Blue Planet
– Meg Caldwell, Executive Director, Center for Ocean Solutions, Woods Institute for the Environment
Abstract: TBA
Caldwell, M. et al., Seawalls, Climate Change, and the Loss of Ecosystems and Public Access on the California Coast

May 4
History of a ground water cleanup project: LLNL’s Livermore Site
– Peter McKereghan, Site 200 Restoration Program Leader, Environmental Restoration Department, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Abstract: TBA
Readings: TBA

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