Dam News: 21 – 25 February 2012

“Dam news” is a round-up of news and events related to dams and dam removal, brought to you by the Clearinghouse for Dam Removal Information (CDRI), a project administered by the Water Resources Collections and Archives. Visit CDRI for more on dams and dam removal. –


Clean up the River Instead
Cumberland Times-News – ‎February 25, 2012
Of what value is the removal of this dam to the city of Cumberland and surrounding communities? (“Removing dam beneath Ridgeley bridge hits new snag,” Feb. 13 Times-News, Page 1A) There seems to be no local hew and cry for its removal only from outside …


Dam Removal Idea Gets Splash of Cold Water; HETCH HETCHY
Utility Products – ‎Feb 23, 2012‎
… the once-magnificent Hetch Hetchy Valley received a cold dousing Wednesday from the two irrigation districts that would likely have to deal with the enormous amounts of water that would be released if the valley’s O’Shaughnessy Dam were removed.


Dam Removal to Begin June 1
Mille Lacs County Times (blog) – ‎Feb 23, 2012‎
By LUTHER DORR If all goes according to the latest plan, work will begin about June 1 on removal of the dam at Rec Park, as well as installation of a new pedestrian bridge in the park.


Deal Promoters Hype Clouds Klamath Realities
Times-Standard – ‎Feb 23, 2012‎
Promoters of the Merkley-Thompson legislation to authorize and fund the Klamath dam and water deals have new talking points. The new message claims there are only two choices — either the Merkley-Thompson legislation passes and we get dam removal


Disagreeing on Dam Removal: Klamath River Basin Split on Removal Issue
Herald and News – ‎Feb 21, 2012‎
Some see no sense in taking dams out; others do. ■ In the middle reaches of the river, the dams bring property tax revenue, recreation opportunities and some jobs.


Yreka: Issue of Dam Removal Divisive, Residents Say
Herald and News – ‎Feb 21, 2012‎
Dozens of people filled one of the buildings at the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds Oct. 20, 2011, for a third public hearing on the environmental impact statement regarding the proposed removal of four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River.


Conservationists File Suit To Remove Dam
eNews Park Forest – ‎Feb 21, 2012‎
Earthjustice filed the notice on behalf of the Florida Defenders of the Environment, a group which has long advocated to remove the 44-year-old Kirkpatrick Dam (formerly Rodman Dam) and to restore the once-free flowing, spring-fed Ocklawaha River; …


Environmentalists Take Aim at Rodman Reservoir Dam, Some Say Waterway is a Wildlife Paradise
The Republic – ‎Feb 21, 2012‎
Two environmental groups notified the US Forest Service on Tuesday that they’ll sue the agency if it doesn’t agree to remove the Rodman Reservoir’s dam because it is imperiling manatees and shortnose sturgeon, both endangered species.


Will Benbow Dam SRA Become Benbow River SRA?; No Money to Keep Dam, Says Park Chief
Redwood Times – ‎Feb 21, 2012‎
For the past four years, California State Parks officials have considered the permanent removal of Benbow Dam because the cost of maintaining the aging structure, re-installing and removing it each season, and complying with current environmental …

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